Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Birthday Wishes!

A big Happy Birthday goes out to my Priness who turned 3! It's funny how you never think that life is moving fast enough. Growing up you can't wait to be double digets, 10. Then it's 13, 16, 18...married, can't wait to have kids. Then you do and you look at them one day and say, I sure wish I could stop the time. You quickly realize that one day they won't want to snuggle, they'll start calling you mom and not mommy anymore. They won't think it's cool to hold your hand. The words "to savor the moment" suddenly take on a whole new meaning!

This year for Little L's birthday, she picked My Little Pony. So sweet. I made her a birthday out and have to say...love how it turned out. Wait while I pat my back.... Really, she looked adorable in it.

I LOVE different trims and accessories from glittery buttons to silky tulle fringe!

Hear those bells?

Christmas is right around the corner. At least for crafters that is. I am in my glory this year. Hobby Lobby has come to town and inspired me to start early so I'm not working up until the last minute. Their Christmas selection is amazing. (I live in rural America folks!) From glittery stars and beautiful unique trims, fuzzy pink trees and yummy faux Christmas candy. It's nice to be able to actually feel the trims and not just see them on a computer screen!

I've been busy here at home. Orders are still up through eBay and Etsy, which is always a good thing! Hope everyone is doing well and getting their crafty on!