Saturday, November 13, 2010

Merry Prepmas!

Christmas in pink is everywhere!  According to HGTV and other sources, the preppy look is in {accoring to some, it never left} for fashion and home decorating.  I love the pink/green color combo for Christmas.  I'm a huge fan of vintage pink and green and all things preppy.  My sister owned a Lilly Pulitzer store in Leesburg, VA, so I'm obviously a lover of Lilly as well.  I've spent many nights in lines waiting for the bi-annual warehouse sale in King Of Prussia, PA and have even tried scoping out her home in Palm Beach.  So sad not to have found that one!

To celebrate with a little pink and green charm, I created this DIY banner to celebrate.  I have it availabe in my Etsy store to make a full size or mini banner.  All you do is print on cardstock, string and embellish.  Very easy and quick for the craft challenged or for someone who just doesn't have a lot of time and want to add a little quick dazzle. 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My first interview/feature and a big thank you to my fellow bloggers!

As I am writing this, I am still floating with excitement!  I wanted to share this when I first received the initial email from Rebecca Restrepo from, but wanted to wait until it materialized.  Didn't want to jinx anything!  Rebecca asked to feature my Halloween Banner, tutorial and interview on her site.  Well, it's published and I want to share with you.  Actually, it was published about a week ago, but we were on vacation in Nags Head, NC, so I didn't get much computer time.  I have to say, Rebecca is super sweet and I appreciate her asking me.  Please check out her blog, Thrifty Goodness.

{"baby" lorne at nags head}

Let me start from the beginning.  Before I began blogging, I stumbled upon the cutest artwork from an artist a lot of us know, Jenny Heid from Everyday Is A Holiday.  I instantly fell in love with her work.  Vintage inspired eye candy treats!  After ogling over all her goods on eBay, I saw she was a part of Flickr.   Flickr what?  I had no idea what that was.  When I logged on, I think I spent hours looking at all her work and I noticed she had a blog.  It was the first blog I had ever read.  I have to admit, it was intimidating to enter this realm, but I did and after reading though posts...I was hooked.  I quickly realized that on blogs, I can so easily connect with other artsy people who like the same things I do.  Share in their thoughts, work, tips, tutorials, ideas and it was a place where I could share mine at the same time. 

I've never been much of a romance novel type of girl.  I enjoy autobiographies and stories about real people.  I guess this is why blogs appeal to me as well.  It's about real people sharing their stories through art, poetry, stories and pictures.

Thank you for this opportunity to share my thoughts and for sharing yours!  I'm having a great time with this.  Please take a look at my first interview and coming up is a fantastic giveaway by vintage inspired jewelry designer, John Wind of Maximal Art.

Have a sweet day!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Feelin' Free Tuesday ~ ♥Free♥ Vintage Halloween Cupcake Wrappers and Toppers

Happy Feelin' Free Tuesday!  From me to you...

Vintage Inspired Halloween Cupcake Wrappers and Topper Set in pickled plum, scaredy black and pumpkin' pickin' orange.

Free for the right clicking!  Save. Print. Cut. Tape. 

Right click to save.
Enlarge to fit on 8 1/2" x 11" cardstock.  Print.
Cut out wrappers and use your 2" circle punch to cut out the toppers.
Tape or hot glue a lollipop stick to the back of the topper.
Tape or hot glue to secure your cupcake wrapper.  Insert cupcake.

Any questions? {message me}

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Preparing for Winter and Halloween Eye Candy


Every year I dread winter because with winter, comes the cold.  As I've said, we have 40 windows that might as well be open because of the amount of cold air that comes rushing thorough them.  After years of spending around 5K on oil, we decided to purchase an outdoor furnace.  Last year was the first winter using it and I wish we had invested in one a long time ago!  With the warm house comes a lot of preparing...for my husband that is.  Fortunately, we had a lot of offers to cut down free trees both on my mother's property and others. 

Michael has tried to take our oldest son with him as much as it is safe to do.  I love seeing them get ready to head out for a hard days work.  Garnet, 6, loves it!  He helps to carry the little logs and when they split, he gets to pull the handle down while daddy holds the log.  My husband has the patience of Job!  I love to see them working side by side for many reasons.  Even at 6, these are some of the benefits I could think of off the top of my head:

1.  Memories.
2.  Sense of accomplishment.
3.  Instilling a work ethic.
4.  Providing for the family.
5.  Exercise.
6.  Building teamwork.


With the cooler weather headed this way, so is Halloween. I thought I'd share a few new things I just added to my Etsy store, Pink Pearl Studio


Enjoy your day and thank you for all the kind feedback.  I appreciate you all!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fatal Attraction with a Vintage Halloween Wreath

Yikes...where did summer go?  I thought I'd be posting all summer, but for some reason (1,3 and 6 year old kiddos) that didn't happen!  It also doesn't help that we don't have a/c and with being hot and humid, comes lack of ambition!  They kind of go hand in hand. 

Not today.  Today is a perfect day.

Our house is 111 years old with 40 large and larger windows.  Typically, this is dreadful on cold days due to drafts and miserable on hot days due to the ripply glass windows sucking in all that liquid gold from the sky.  Not today...Today the sun is bright and warm with a slightly cool breeze.  All the windows are open and as I sit in the dining room, the cool air is rushing through the floor length windows like a vacuum wind tunnel.  This is truly what heaven must feel like!

With fall comes Halloween.  Typically, I'm not a huge fan of Halloween.  My kids are scared to death of anything scary and I can barely drag them into Michael's because of the honkin' huge witch/scary displays.  However, a month or so ago a young lady from Richmond, who bought an Easter wreath from me, asked if she supplied the main items would I create a Halloween wreath for her.  Of course, I said yes.  Boy, am I glad I did!.  Tara sent a box filled with all sorts of vintage inspired goodness.  I was drooling as I was sorting though the box.  It was like Christmas morning.  Soft chenille bones, cupcake picks, vintage cards.  She obviously has wonderful taste.  I couldn't wait to get started and held my breath that she would like what I came up with.  I finished it and realized...I hated it!  It just didn't turn out like I was visioning.  Take two...

First, I wrapped it in soft orange and black tulle.  Then I had some black/off white diamond and damask paper that I made pleated medallions with.  I added some red tinsel and attached the vintage cards.  Next was the bow and smaller items. 

It has black spiders, plastic pumpkins and metal jack-o-lanterns, glitter stars and buttons, glass onyx and orange ornaments.  With the bag of faux candy corn she sent, I strung them to make a little swag.  Tucked into the tulle are black roses to soften the treasures.  I used coordinating pipe cleaners and 20 sticks of glue to attach everything.  No burns, but my gun was smokin'!

 If you notice the bottom of the wreath on the below picture, it is missing a little something. Tara had a lovely raven to perch on it, but because of how fragile it was, decided she would add it when she received the wreath.

I love these eclectic, vintage inspired wreaths and am really happy with how this turned out.  Hopefully Tara will be too!


Saturday, April 17, 2010

A VERY sweet giveaway!

My friend Lori over at Ruffles, Ribbons and Roses is holding a lovely giveaway. Check all this out!

A new copy of the Kitchen Linens Book

A lovely time worn Linen towel

A package of K&Company Alphabet Cards (these babies are adorable for display or crafting!)

A 3.7 oz. Yankee Buttercream candle

A fabulous vintage hand-embroidered doily

A red and cream vintage crocheted doily

A red and cream vintage crocheted pot holder

A pack of Lang cherry recipe cards

A box of Wind and Willow White Chocolate Cherry Cheeseball and dessert mix

and a few more little goodies as a surprise!

So how's that?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Wrap-up!

The Easter party at school is over and due to the 94 degree weather here in PA, the chocolate is melted.  I wasn't even thinking about it, but I left it out in the kitchen and being so crying that their crosses were puddles of creamy chocolate.  What a mess! 

I thought I'd show some family pictures of the kiddos. 

I'm so awful, but I forgot that to take pictures of Garnet on Easter day!  So, I included some from his Easter party.  I found this link with a cute daffodil project.  They turned out really cute. 

Friday, April 2, 2010

Miss Rhea's Easter Basket Swap Unveiling - Happy Easter!

Yippee!  My first swap is officially done and today is the big unveiling day!  My swap partners were Taylor from MaryJanes and Galoshes and Jeannie from Eye Craft.  I have to say that I am totally in love with everything I received.  I really had wonderful swap partners!  Check out all the other swappers at Miss Rhea's.

First from Taylor~

I love all the taffy colors and sweet pastel ruffles!  Soft aqua, blue, sweet pink.  Love, Love.

The springtime sentiments on the bottom of this little cup is so nice.  A nice breath of spring air!  The wand has been embellished with aqua glitter and has adorable inserts.  The one shown says, "Make it pretty."  It is pretty!

Coordinating spring wrapped candle.

A handmade ribbon rose.  Perfect for hair or anywhere a little pretty is needed.  I believe she has the tutorial on her blog.

Chocolate, taffy colored bunny and glitter clad wand.  Is there anything better?

~Second, but not least....Jeannie.~

I LOVE the sweet cream thick ruffles.  This pretty beauty screams feminine!  The whole kit and caboodle! 

On the top is a Dept. 56 bunny pin with a glassy tinsel neckline.  Directly above is the sweetest little girl ever.  She is hopping all around!  I think this is so stinkin' cute!

I love this little fairy wand.  I will proudly display this year after year.  Above are some yummy embellishments.  I hate to use them because they are so dear.

Any guesses as to what it says?

~What I sent to Taylor and Jeannie~


Happy Easter to all!
{rejoice, again i say rejoice}