Saturday, February 13, 2010

~Cupid's Jig On My Heart~

{cliffs of mohr, ireland}

My husband and I have have been happily married for 12 years in April. He was my high school sweetheart since I was 16 for a total of 16 years together. That is officially half of my life. I think at some point we all ponder on the things that could have/should have done in life and think how we would change or improve them so that it would have had a better or different outcome. I would have finished college, all three times I started! I would have been nicer to my parents and not given them such a hard time as a young adult. There are things about me that I would change...I'm scattered to say the least. I procrastinate...constantly! I don't like to make commitments because that way I don't let people down when I don't fulfill them. Artistically, my mind runs in all different directions always thinking of ways to improve or change things just to make them more beautiful. Focusing is a huge issue for me. It drives my husband nuts because he is as square as a box!

All this being said, I have to say that there is one thing that I am utterly, undeniably, whole-heartily committed to and that's My Michael. Meeting and marrying him, was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. He's my rock when things are smooth and when they suck. He stabilizes me. Loves me. Holds me up. Respects and honors me. During these past 16 years we've camped and traveled, hiked around Ireland together, we discovered our favorite town named Lewes, laugh at each others oddities and just have fun together. We've experienced together the passing of 3 parents, 5 grandparents, a very much loved brother-in-law, seen the miracle of birth with 7 nieces and nephews and 3 wonderful children of our own. In 16 years, we've lived a lifetime, and I can honestly say that it has felt like a day.
At sixteen, I had no vision of what I wanted my life to look like except that I wanted it to include Michael. And it does. And it will until death do us part.

~Happy Valentine's Day~

I truly hope each and everyone of you have a wonderfully blessed day.


{added blessing one}
{added blessing two}
{added blessing three}

{from my michael}

{valentine treats for my friends: whipped cocoa milk bath and candies}

{homemade bon bons}

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  1. Lovely Valentine's Day story. Your "blessings" are equally as lovely, too! Enjoy the day with your family (and I'm coveting your roses...).
    Sharon :-)