Monday, February 8, 2010

We all scream for Snow Cream!

Here is Southcentral PA, snow abounds everywhere~and there's more coming! The last time we had a decent snow year was in 1996. I know these things well. It was my senior year and graduation got pushed back to the end of June. This time around I have 3 little children, two old enough to want to go out. Luckily, my husband loves the snow and is more than happy to take them out. After 20 minutes of finding clothes in the right size (notice I didn't say matching), and 20 minutes of dressing everyone they clomp out for a whole of 30 minutes. Anyone with children know what I'm talking about! Well...since I am inside my 83 degree house, what to do? Snow cream time! We ate this for dinner two nights in a row now.
Snow Cream
Now there are a multitude of recipes for this. My favorite is this: 8-9 cups of snow (If I have to actually remind you to get nice clean snow, don't bother trying this recipe.), 1 can of sweetened condensed milk and a Kool Aid pack.
All I do is mix in a big tub the snow and sweetened condensed milk. I serve in small bowls and sprinkle with Kool Aid. My favorite is Tropical Punch. Not too much, or it will be bitter. Stir and it's a tropical paradise in your mouth! Sweet and creamy. Just like rich, homemade ice cream on a hot summers day!

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