Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fatal Attraction with a Vintage Halloween Wreath

Yikes...where did summer go?  I thought I'd be posting all summer, but for some reason (1,3 and 6 year old kiddos) that didn't happen!  It also doesn't help that we don't have a/c and with being hot and humid, comes lack of ambition!  They kind of go hand in hand. 

Not today.  Today is a perfect day.

Our house is 111 years old with 40 large and larger windows.  Typically, this is dreadful on cold days due to drafts and miserable on hot days due to the ripply glass windows sucking in all that liquid gold from the sky.  Not today...Today the sun is bright and warm with a slightly cool breeze.  All the windows are open and as I sit in the dining room, the cool air is rushing through the floor length windows like a vacuum wind tunnel.  This is truly what heaven must feel like!

With fall comes Halloween.  Typically, I'm not a huge fan of Halloween.  My kids are scared to death of anything scary and I can barely drag them into Michael's because of the honkin' huge witch/scary displays.  However, a month or so ago a young lady from Richmond, who bought an Easter wreath from me, asked if she supplied the main items would I create a Halloween wreath for her.  Of course, I said yes.  Boy, am I glad I did!.  Tara sent a box filled with all sorts of vintage inspired goodness.  I was drooling as I was sorting though the box.  It was like Christmas morning.  Soft chenille bones, cupcake picks, vintage cards.  She obviously has wonderful taste.  I couldn't wait to get started and held my breath that she would like what I came up with.  I finished it and realized...I hated it!  It just didn't turn out like I was visioning.  Take two...

First, I wrapped it in soft orange and black tulle.  Then I had some black/off white diamond and damask paper that I made pleated medallions with.  I added some red tinsel and attached the vintage cards.  Next was the bow and smaller items. 

It has black spiders, plastic pumpkins and metal jack-o-lanterns, glitter stars and buttons, glass onyx and orange ornaments.  With the bag of faux candy corn she sent, I strung them to make a little swag.  Tucked into the tulle are black roses to soften the treasures.  I used coordinating pipe cleaners and 20 sticks of glue to attach everything.  No burns, but my gun was smokin'!

 If you notice the bottom of the wreath on the below picture, it is missing a little something. Tara had a lovely raven to perch on it, but because of how fragile it was, decided she would add it when she received the wreath.

I love these eclectic, vintage inspired wreaths and am really happy with how this turned out.  Hopefully Tara will be too!



  1. Loving it :):):)- I'm so excited!!!! Can't wait to see!!!

  2. I am so glad Tara! Now to wrap so nothing breaks!!

  3. EEEK!!! The wreath turned out adorable!!! LOVE! So so fun! Tara is a lucky girl. ;) Smiles,Jenn

  4. wow~ love that wreath! so cute!