Thursday, January 27, 2011

Come One, Come All to the Greatest Show On Earth!

Several weeks ago, I made a DIY, Printable Vintage Circus Banner.  I had NO idea that vintage circus birthday parties are so hot right now.  I've been selling these like hotcakes and had a request for some custom work. morphed into a labor of love and boy, do I LOOVVVE this DIY~printable party set!

If you're interested, please feel free to check out a full photo spread on my fan page on  Facebook and enjoy!  If you are not registered on Facebook, no need to worry~ just click on my FB link and it will show you the pictures.

{little man's 2nd faux birthday}

Filled with everything, and I mean everything that you need to be the most fabulous Ringmaster in town!

This enormous kit has 19 different printable party wares with over a whopping 67 different options to suit your needs!  This set is also personalized. 

Step right up and take a look at this amazing lineup of goods to make your party the greatest show on earth!

Invitation {personalized, 4x6}
Envelope for Invitations and Thank You's {personalized with return address}
Thank You Card {4x6}
Banner {large pendant}
Banner {medium circle/scallops with Happy Birthday}
Banner {personalized medium circus tents with child's name}
Treat Bag Toppers {2 designs}
Large Candy Bar Wrappers {personalized, 2 designs}
Small Candy Bar Wrappers {personalized, 12 designs}
Labels/Food Tent Cards {3 designs}
Cupcake Wrappers {4 designs}
Cupcake Toppers {personalized, 6 designs}
Water Bottle Labels {4 designs}
Lollipop Cards {2 designs}
Crowns {2 designs}
Large Signs {12 ticket designs:  Games, Food Tent, Candy Bar, Prizes, Entrance, Face Painting, Drinks, Cotton Candy, Tickets, Show, Happy Birthday, personalized birthday name}
Large Chair Sign {for assigned seating, to be hung on chair backs}
Large Misc. Round Circus Graphics {9 designs}
T-shirt Transfers {2 designs:  1 I Love Fairy Floss and 1 Running Away to Join the Circus}
Directions and Tips

What you will need to gather {more details with instructions}:
hot glue gun with glue Sticks
glue stick
Scotch Tape
lollipop sticks from any craft store for cupcake toppers
If making the shirt:  white shirt, transfer paper from Target or craft store
plastic treat sacks from any craft store

Have a great day!