Thursday, February 3, 2011

Feelin' Free Thursday ~ ♥Free♥ "Turtlely In Love" Valentine's Day Banner

Happy almost Valentine's Day!  I just wanted to share a little Valentine's Day gift with you.  It's a totally FREE printable Valentine's Day banner.Perfect for a little girl you know or the little girl in you!

I call it "Turtlely In Love".  These are some pictures of it.  For the free download, go to my FB fan page:  Pink Pearl Studio.  Right click to save, print on your best printer setting, cut out, punch two holes along the top and string.  It's that easy!

Thanks for looking and happy crafting!!



Thursday, January 27, 2011

Come One, Come All to the Greatest Show On Earth!

Several weeks ago, I made a DIY, Printable Vintage Circus Banner.  I had NO idea that vintage circus birthday parties are so hot right now.  I've been selling these like hotcakes and had a request for some custom work. morphed into a labor of love and boy, do I LOOVVVE this DIY~printable party set!

If you're interested, please feel free to check out a full photo spread on my fan page on  Facebook and enjoy!  If you are not registered on Facebook, no need to worry~ just click on my FB link and it will show you the pictures.

{little man's 2nd faux birthday}

Filled with everything, and I mean everything that you need to be the most fabulous Ringmaster in town!

This enormous kit has 19 different printable party wares with over a whopping 67 different options to suit your needs!  This set is also personalized. 

Step right up and take a look at this amazing lineup of goods to make your party the greatest show on earth!

Invitation {personalized, 4x6}
Envelope for Invitations and Thank You's {personalized with return address}
Thank You Card {4x6}
Banner {large pendant}
Banner {medium circle/scallops with Happy Birthday}
Banner {personalized medium circus tents with child's name}
Treat Bag Toppers {2 designs}
Large Candy Bar Wrappers {personalized, 2 designs}
Small Candy Bar Wrappers {personalized, 12 designs}
Labels/Food Tent Cards {3 designs}
Cupcake Wrappers {4 designs}
Cupcake Toppers {personalized, 6 designs}
Water Bottle Labels {4 designs}
Lollipop Cards {2 designs}
Crowns {2 designs}
Large Signs {12 ticket designs:  Games, Food Tent, Candy Bar, Prizes, Entrance, Face Painting, Drinks, Cotton Candy, Tickets, Show, Happy Birthday, personalized birthday name}
Large Chair Sign {for assigned seating, to be hung on chair backs}
Large Misc. Round Circus Graphics {9 designs}
T-shirt Transfers {2 designs:  1 I Love Fairy Floss and 1 Running Away to Join the Circus}
Directions and Tips

What you will need to gather {more details with instructions}:
hot glue gun with glue Sticks
glue stick
Scotch Tape
lollipop sticks from any craft store for cupcake toppers
If making the shirt:  white shirt, transfer paper from Target or craft store
plastic treat sacks from any craft store

Have a great day!