Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Dream and Crown and Crumpet

We all have dreams. Some big and some small. Some realistic and some not so easily attainable. What's my dream? I would love to own a pink frilly bakery/gift/coffee and tea shop. You know, some place to go with the girls where pink urns filled with pretty flowers welcome you. A safe refuge from dishes and children. Don't get me wrong, I love my children more than anything. I am with them 24/7 it seems and I wouldn't change it for the world. I'm just saying someplace to go past 8 p.m. to be pampered for a spell in a heavenly sea of taffy colored girliness.

I saw an article in Romantic Homes about a tea house in San Francisco called the Crown and Crumpet. It is an honest to goodness tea parlor. I love all the bright beautiful pictures and some day would love to visit it. Enjoy a little candy for this cold Wednesday!


  1. A girl can dream....sounds heavenly; I want my own Thrift shop with wonderful window designs.
    I use to decorate windows..i have all these ideas. I get annoyed when i see blah windows. It is a calling card to get a potential customer to come in...

    Maybe someday...right?!

  2. Hi Ellie~I always thought a thrift shop would be really cool. Unfortunately, our town has no where to shop but Wal-mart so the selection that gets to the current shops is Don't get me wrong, I love our town, I'm just lucky to have eBay to buy clothes! If I'm really ambitious or have someone to watch the kids, we live close enought to Northern VA to go shopping.

    I love window displays too. It always makes me sad to see ugly ones, because you know that business would pick up if they'd just put a little effort into welcoming people!

    Maybe someday when the kids are all in school...

  3. Oh, those pictures just make me so happy! They're so bright and cheery! Thank you for stopping by my blog!