Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy A Little Late Fourth

Welp...we made it home from our beach trip and I must say, we had a wonderful time. My children sat quietly for 2 1/2 hours while I stuffed myself with crabs. Lazy Susan's in Lewes has the absolute best crabs around. They were only $31 for a dozen of X-Larges, which is excellent! I did enjoy every single last one of them~slop running down the arms and all!

Part of the Boat Parade that goes through the Lewes canal. All the locals decorate their boats to show off their Patriotism.

On the Fourth, the historic downtown had their annual 4th festivities which included the annual Sidewalk Art & Artisan Show. There were so many gifted artists there. Below is a picture of Sarah Palin put together by a fiber artist. This was a huge picture.

A shell encrusted table in a window display....hmmm...IDEA!

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