Friday, March 5, 2010

Robot Nap Mat Tutorial

Starting Kindergarten was a big change for Garnet (and Mommy).  He was taught at home for preschool, so being a SAHM he's always been with me.  I literally cried on a regular basis and still get misty eyed when thinking about it.  

Before hopping on the bus for the first time, we had a big list of fun things to gather.  One of the necessities for Kindergarten is a nap mat.  I was going to buy him one, but blue plastic is boring!  Since he loves Robots, I put this one together.  I used this super easy tutorial from  I changed it a little to suit my specific needs.  One, I made it longer because Garnet is really tall and then I personalized it with a robot font.  I will note that is was a bit on the expensive side to make.  I used thick foam. Being a petroleum product, it is naturally more expensive.  I also used Michael Miller Robot fabric from eBay which is around $8 per yard plus shipping.  Another little thing I changed is that the tutorial calls for buttons.  I strongly dislike doing buttons.  I can, but try to avoid if all possible.  I used Velcro instead.  Works great!

{rolled with strap}

Thanks Jenny for the great tutorial!

Have a happy day!



  1. This is so cute Aunt Becky! Great job:-)

  2. Wow - this is super cute :) Great job. Sometimes I do velcro too; works just as well!