Monday, February 22, 2010

The Ultimate Easter Cake! Can you say Cut-Up?

When I was little my mom always used to make Cut-up Cakes.  Is anyone with me?  In 1959, Baker's Coconut came out with a little book that grandmas and moms for decades to come would use.  There was also a 1973 edition.  In fact, my first birthday cake was the full bodied bunny.  I believe the official title was the Baker's Coconut Animal Cut-up Cakes.  Last year I made one, but jazzed it up a bit for Easter.  I tinted the coconut light blue for the body and sticked with the soft pink for the ears and feet.  I then added a pink with white polka dotted grosgrain bow around the neck.  It was so stinkin' cute!  Unfortunately, I have no pictures of it.  My NEW external drive with all my pictures on it died and I need A LOT of money to get the photos restored for now, they are lost.  I thought I'd add the cut-up diagram for anyone interested in making their own this Easter.  Enjoy!

{this is the one i made this past easter}

If you're interested in obtaining a copy of this little booklet...expect to pay a pretty penny.  I belive they are running between $10-40 on eBay depending on their condition, if it is an original and how close it is to a holiday!  Amazon also has several starting at $27 and run up to $50.

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